Screw oil presses are widely used in oil mills. The screw oil press can be used for mustard seed, peanut, sesame, oil sunflower, flax, soybean, sesame and other oils. The edible oil squeezed out by the screw oil press retains the nutrients of the raw materials, the cooking is fragrant, and the whole process is transparent. Therefore, people in urban and rural areas recognize the freshly squeezed and sold oil.

For the oil mill, which quality of the screw press is good and the oil yield is high is the key to selection. A good screw oil press not only depends on the amount of oil, but also the quality of the oil. The quality of oil depends on the amount of residue in the oil. To control the amount of residue is a challenge for the screw oil press.

The overall quality of a machine is determined by the quality of each accessory, including the quality of the wear parts of the screw press and the quality of various parts. The snails are made of cr12 milled steel to assure all customers that the output is no less than 400,000 kg. The fiber content of rapeseed is no less than 7 or 800,000 kg. Die steel is a kind of wear-resistant material. In fact, many customers have not replaced the accessories for 2-3 years.

Why do you say that the snail must be wear-resistant to be a good oil press?

If you use a general material The snails have a short service life and need to replace parts when used for 100,000 jin. Once the snails are worn out, it will directly affect the oil output rate of the machine. Then your oil output rate is gradually decreasing, and your oil extraction business will continue. Okay?

So it is also very important for a good oil press equipment to have a durable screw press fitting. In addition, all electrical appliances of the screw oil press in our factory adopt Delixi electric appliances, the motor adopts the copper core motor of the national major factory, and the gearbox gear adopts hot forging. The oil line gap of the screw oil press is 25 filaments, and the oil line is three sets of transformations from 25 filaments to 20 filaments and 10 filaments. Greatly reduce the oil line gap, reduce the amount of slag, increase the pressure of the press chamber, and increase the oil output rate.

The choice of screw oil press depends on the comprehensive consideration of quality and oil yield, and buy a good machine to get income and economic benefits.