The old-fashioned oil pressing equipment has more sesame, flax, and oil sunflower seeds than the new . There are also more peanuts, like tea seeds which have a harder shell and pepper seeds which are less effective. There are many types of oil crops available, as we all know. An oil press machine that can only extract one type of raw material will not work well for oil mill processing.cold pressed mustard oil machine

The current oil pressing equipment can generally squeeze out a variety raw materials. There are many types of edible oils currently on the market. There are many options available, including rapeseed oil and peanut oil as well as soybean oil, sesame seed oil, sesame, sesame, and tea seed oils. . These oils are easy to squeeze and can be used for physical squeezing. They do not contain any chemicals, making them more safe to eat.expeller pressed avocado oil

Rapeseed Oil production is between 37% and 42%. Rapeseed has a high nutritional value and a low price. It has a pleasant taste and a fragrant cooking style. Peanut : Peanut oil presses are often used. Peanut oil is a soft oil that has a high oil content. It also has a good shell. Peanuts are 65%-75% rich in kernels, with 40%-51% oil and 25%-31% protein. Peanuts are a good source of oil and protein.

Soybeans – In general, soybeans are more commonly planted in northern China. Soybean oil can be consumed directly or processed into artificial meat from the pressed soybean cakes. Soybean oil yields between 15-18%. Soybean Oil has a high nutritional value.

Sesame seed: Anyone who has squeezed sesame nuts knows that they must be squeezed. The old-fashioned oil pressing equipment is not very satisfactory. A hydraulic oil press is usually necessary. However, the new oil presses can squeeze sesame seeds and has a temperature control system. The oil yield is approximately 55%.cold pressed olive oil for skin

Tea seed: The price for tea oil in China is usually more than 50 Yuan per catty. The oil pressing equipment is used by many users to produce 18-23 gallons of oil for every 100 tea seed catty. The oil pressing machine should produce oil at a rate of around 28-32 kilograms. The oil press equipment was specifically designed to extract the tea seed’s hard shell. This makes it very effective.gramiyaa coconut oil

Flax, flax, grape seed (sunflower seeds), cottonseed, flax, grape seed and pepper seed can all be pressed. You can get more than 20 types of oil by buying oil press equipment.used oil expeller machine