what problems can be caused by long-term neglect of the peanut butter oil press?

The peanut oil press can be found in many oil mills. The oil press is used by many customers in its early stages with high oil yields and few faults. After a while, however, the equipment can experience problems like low oil output or frequent failures. Customers will be asking whether the screw-oil press is defective.

Low oil yields and frequent failures are due to poor maintenance. It needs to be maintained just like a car. It will have problems if it isn’t maintained. The same principle applies for the oil press. Benteng Machinery explains today what problems can be caused by long-term neglect of the peanut butter oil press.

1. The reduction in work efficiency.

The machine’s interaction increases and friction gets larger. This causes an increase in resistance, which reduces normal machine efficiency.

2. The oil presse quality is decreased.

The internal wear of the peanut butter oil press can be caused by long-term neglect. If the machine’s internal clearance is too high, it will cause the oil press to be less efficient. This will result in a decrease in the oil press quality. The oil output will also be decreased.

3.Hidden dangers.

It is unsafe to leave the peanut oil pressing unattended for too long. It is impossible to coordinate the work between all parts.

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