Benteng Machinery has a range of rapeseed oil pressing machines, which include models model 6YL-68 to model 6YL-160. Different models produce different results and have different pressing processes.. Many users are newbies and don’t know what model to choose for rapeseed oil press. A variety of factors should be considered when selecting a model and model rapeseed press model.small oil press

The rapeseed oil press model 6YL-68 (220V voltage) is a small device that presses oil with household electrical power. This type oil extraction is great for mobile oil extraction. You can also walk along the streets and alleyways. This type is not suitable for large oil mills, or oil presses.pressing machine price

The model 6YL-100 rapeseed oil press and the model 6YL-125 rapeseed oil press can be used both as raw and cooked oil presses. It’s also an option to open oil refineries and oil factories. press machine sale The model 6YL-100, which can process 200-300kg of oil rapeseeds per hour, can be processed in less than an hour. The model 6YL-125 can process between 300-400kg. These two styles are popular, especially in south China where most people eat rapeseed oil.home pressing machine

The model 6YL-130 and the model 6YL-160 rapeseed press types are raw presses. The north dominates it. Raw oil can be obtained from flax, soy and rapeseed. It is important to squeeze it twice. The oil is clear in color. pressing extracting plant oils The model 6YL-130 is capable of extracting 500 kg twice an hours, while the model 6YL-160 can extract about 750 kilograms twice as fast. It is important to consider the local circumstances when choosing the model and type of rapeseed-oil press.small olive press for sale