This phenomenon is common in the screw-oil press. A simple solution is to place a cake-peeler 20 mm from the outlet. This is the so-called “cake peeler”. This is a general solution and has not been proven to be the cause. It is also simple and unscientific.

What is the scientific and simple solution?

The failure of both the screw and the press chamber causes the cake winding shaft to fail. The screw presse is passed through the factory mill before being sent to the customer. When they return home, they pay it back. Fee cakes and other raw materials are required to ensure that the spindle runs smoothly.

The solution is to remove the spindle from the machine and polish any large particles or uneven surfaces before installing it into the equipment. The grinding machine can be used to increase the thickness of your cake. Slowly adjust the thickness until the cake is no longer wrapped around the axis.

To avoid serious failures, stop pressing oil onto the cake-wrapped shaft. Once the problem has been resolved, you can start oil pressing again.

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