In 2009, the centrifugal machine for oil filtering was developed. When it was first manufactured, the performance of the centrifugal filter machine was not very stable. Users will begin to hear abnormal noises after a while. If the equipment makes abnormal noises, it is likely that there are hidden dangers. The quality of the centrifugal filter has improved and it produces less abnormal noise. raw cold pressed coconut oil

The centrifugal filter machine is used for a long time. When abnormal noises occur, treatment methods can be applied:

Check that the ground plane is stable and flat. Also, make sure the anchor screws are securely attached. To create a soft connection to the ground, you can place a leather pad under the press oil extraction machine

Second, examine the connection between drum and upper cover. Check if the upper card slot and internal configuration are in place. Perform investigation and maintenance.old expeller machine

The centrifugal oils filter components must be installed as is after the overhaul. Pay attention to the direction that the motor rotates after installation. To prevent the motor’s reversing, connect the power supply direction in the direction indicated by the label.cold compressed mustard oil

The centrifugal filter machine makes noise, accelerates bearing wear and reduces mechanical life. In severe cases, it can also cause catastrophic accidents. Maintenance of the equipment should be done regularly to avoid abnormal sound, which could affect its service life.drill press oil