There are two types oil presses: two-phase electrical and three-phase electric. The two-phase electrical current is usually used to extract oil from vehicles. Three-phase electricity can also be used to extract and sell oil, as well as for external processing in oilmills.

Many users envision starting with a small investment to build a mobile, two-phase electric oilpress. This idea is great. This idea is good, but the two-phase output is very low and the profit is not high. The three-phase electricity produces a lot of power, while the oil production rate is very high.gulab cold pressed groundnut oil

The 380v voltage electricity used for industrial electricity provides more power and large electric energy. Oil Press Equipment is an industrial product. So why should you use three phase electricity?

1. Three-phase electricity, which is 380V AC, is large. Therefore, it can provide more electrical energy.screw press oil extraction

2. It will improve the efficiency and strength of three-phase electric, thereby increasing the production power of oils press equipment. gramiyaa cold pressed oil

3. The quality is excellent. The oil press equipment depends on pressing technology. Insufficient power can cause problems in pressing, resulting in a lower pressing effect and a low oil production rate. It is not possible to drive the equipment with two-phase electricity. industrial oil press machine

Some machines are not all equal. You can find two-phase equipment nowadays. However, you need to be aware of the rated voltage of any machine that you buy. Only if they match can the Oil Press Equipment reach a good production level. Oil extraction is only possible if we consider the profit potential of our customers. The equipment must be sophisticated, the oil output rate must be high and the extraction clean in order to produce different oils with different yields. Only this way, people can buy oil extracted and the business will succeed. second hand oil press machine