There are many methods to extract sesame seed oil. There are three types to choose from: the stone mill, hydraulic oil press, and the screw oil presse. The traditional oil mills prefer hydraulic oil presses over the older-fashioned oil presses. This is because the old-fashioned oil press doesn’t have heating and can’t squeeze sesame seed.first press olive oil

Now, the new screw oils press can squeeze sesame kernels. The hydraulic oil press extracts sesame seed and produces a cake. This process is more complicated. Sesame paste can be used to extract sesame kernels from a stone crusher.olive oil press for sale

What are the advantages to using a screwpress to squeeze sesame seed oil rather than hydraulic presses and stonemills?

1.Screw press are small and easy to operate.

2. The power consumption of the screw is low, and the associated costs are lower.

3.It is 50% more efficient than stone mills.

4. The oil yield is high, and the oil quality good.

5. The preheating temperature and the screw-oil press are automatically controlled by the automatic control system. It can extract sesame oil, as well as canola and peanut oils, as well flax, flax, and other oils. freshly pressed olive oil It is easy to purchase an oil pressing without repeat investment.cold pressing machine