To squeeze camellia seeds, the traditional way is to use a hydraulic oilspress. This process is cumbersome as it requires steam to press the camellia seed and cakes to be packed. The screw press is now able to replace the hydraulic oil press for pressing camellia seeds.coconut cold press machine

Screw oil presses are not suitable for use with snails other than peanuts, sunflowers or snails. Camellia seed lignin is high so special snails must be used to squeeze the seeds.olive oil cold extracted

Benefits of using a screw oil presse to press camellia seed

1.Advanced technology for long-lasting use.

The screw oil presse is made from steel, which has either been high-frequency quenched or carburized. It is extremely hard, durable, and low in noise. You will be satisfied with the long-term, continuous production.cold press extraction machine

2. High oil output rate, large output, and high pressure in press chamber.

The special screwpress produces a higher pressure. It also has a greater output. There are two types of pressing methods available: hot pressing (cooked pressing), and raw pressing.castor oil extraction machine

There are many ways to squeeze depending on the eating habits of different people in different parts of the country.

1.Raw (cold pressing): To start normal production, put the oil into the oil pressing.

2.Hot pressing or cooked pressing: After oil has been fried it is put in the oil pressing to press the oil normally and it is then squeezed again.

3.Low energy use and labor saving: The Screw Oil Press produces tile-shaped pancakes. The pancakes have low residual oil rates. The oil production rate is high. Infrared heat is used. Automatic temperature control reduces heat-energy loss and accelerates heating time. The gearbox is equipped with planetary gears that reduce energy consumption by over 30%. Electric automatic control production requires fewer workers (1-2 people).peanut oil press machine