Two types of soybean oils are used in their production: raw pressing and baked pressing. Soybeans are most commonly squeezed. The oil presse receives the raw oil for squeezing. The step of frying is omitted.expeller pressed coconut oil

To squeeze it out, however, it takes twice as long to squeeze.cold pressed rapeseed oil

1. Use of soy cake. As feed, peanut cakes and rapeseed cake are often used. It costs around 1 Yuan per catty. Raw pressing can be used to preserve the soy protein. Artificial meat and yuba can be made. The price per catty of soybean cake is therefore more than 2 yuan

2. The raw oils protect various nutrients, ensure high levels of unsaturated and unsaturated fatty acid, and eliminate harmful substances like acids, heavy metals, and cholesterol. So the oil is clean, fresh, has a pleasant smell, and retains its original flavor.olive oil press machine

3. Raw squeezing prevents seeds from being fried. The process involves burning wood, gas and coal and is quite laborious. Avoiding frying seeds can also reduce oil yield. Instead, raw squeezing is done cold pressed coconut oil

This is why the crude oil output is stable. Operation is easy as well. At the moment, there are two types of squeezers on the market: the 130 and the 1.50. The automatic cycle feeder can be fitted to the green press. The green press can be fed directly. Operation is easy and simple.

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