It was extremely difficult to install the screw using the screw presse. The bearing’s life span was also greatly reduced and needed to be replaced often.used olive press for sale

Unsafe operation during Oil Extraction can lead to bearing damage. Here are some tips and problems to watch out for:

1 When you squeeze, it is important to slow down the feeding process. Once the oil has been extracted, adjust slowly to close the space between the cakes and reduce the cake’s thickness. You can gradually increase the amount of food you feed to the body when it is very hot. The body can still function normally when it is very hot. It is essential to stop excessive feed and sudden increases in load when the juice is turned on. oil extraction machine for commercial

2After closing the gap in the cake, secure the locknut. This will prevent the squeezer slipping and causing the cake to become thinner. copra oil extraction machine

3Prevent metals or stones from entering the pressing chamber during feeding to prevent injury and damage to the body. best cold press oil machine

4The pressing process can vary the cake thickness depending on the oil type and its moisture content. The cake gap between pressing peanuts and soya should be within the range of 0.3 to 1.0mm. In order to increase oil production, don’t reduce the cake gap or increase the bearing loads blindly.wood press oil machine for sale