The oil press equipment allows you to squeeze many granular oils including soybeans. The output of oil press equipment is subject to decline. It should be fixed and removed promptly. There are reasons and solutions for the decline in output of oil pressing equipment.

(1) If the raw materials are not sufficiently cleaned, sand or sundries can enter the pressure chamber.small scale olive oil extraction

(2) Replace the parts if the shaft is balance pressed avocado oil spread

(3) The speed is too fast or too slow for the screw shaft. Adjust the speed until it meets the requirements.groundnut cold pressed oil

(4) The screw shaft, or cake outlet, is not smooth. This affects the feeding and output of the cake . Use a grinding wheel, or use a material having a high friction ratio such as chaff. Mix the ingredients into the cake and then turn the machine on to feed the snail.oil production machine

(5) The cake may be too small. This is an operational issue. For different oils to be processed, there are specific requirements regarding the cake’s thickness. Different raw material conditions should determine the thickness of the cake to ensure a high-quality output from the press. All models of Oil Press Equipment have theoretical output. The actual output can be slightly higher or lower than what is theoretically expected. Too low is an abnormal phenomenon. This can be corrected based on the reasons above.sunflower oil extraction machine