More and more oil mills use centrifugal oil filter machines. The centrifugal filter machine has a great filtering effect and is simple to use. Customers report that the centrifugal oil filter is difficult to clean. How can this be fixed? The requirements for a centrifugal oil filtering machine .


This problem is common in winter. This is not a problem with our oil filter. Winter is cold. The temperature of crude oil obtained by the oil pressing is very low. Oil is viscous and difficult to separate oil residues.


First, it is necessary to heat the crude oil to a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. You must also know how to adjust the salt water. Mix 1 to 1.5% of hot salt water into the crude oil. Stir well. If the filter is not completely clean, rotate the oil filter a few times more. This will cool the oil.

Second, centrifugal oil filters require oil to be at a specific temperature. It should not be below 60 degrees. It should not be too cold. It must be heated and filtered. It is not clean. This is not a problem of quality. However, the way of operating is wrong. You must follow these steps to allow the centrifugal filter machine to extract good oil.

In short, centrifugal oil filters have a better use than any other filtering equipment. This includes the hassle of changing filter cloth, filter cloth consumption of plate and frame oil filters , the risk of over-pressure initiation and the limitations of excessive oil sludge repeated open and low efficiency.

The centrifugal filters are easy to use, have no consumable parts, save electricity, time, and have a good result. It can be used directly or sold in cans.

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