The Rapeseed Oil Press is an essentially physical squeezer. To extract the oil from the rapeseed, the internal pressure in the press chamber is used to squeeze the oil. Snail pressing is the core of the equipment. It is a part that is normally worn. small oilseed press

After using the product for a while, some customers might experience low olefin or slag. Many customers will look into the cause. The problem could actually be that the snails are old and need to replaced. The snails’ main purpose is to encourage the feeding and squeezing of rapeseed. The rapeseed oil presse is composed of three stages. buy oil press machine

It is crucial to consider the material used by snails. There are many types of rapeseed oil presse, and there is a wide variety of quality. The snails are made out of No. 45 steel. No. 45 steel is a very affordable material. This type of steel is usually required to be replaced for 100,000 kilo. This type is typically used for older oils presses. oil press equipment

Also, there are 20-columns that are better than 45-grade. This material is slightly more expensive and generally can be squeezed to 100,000 to 200,000 kilograms. C12 die material is the third type. Cr12 steel material can be more expensive than the other two. It is heat-treated and can weigh 600-800,000. oil press machine price

Some customers are happy to keep the machine for a few years. The machine’s service life is directly affected by what the snails do to it. A good material should be tough, resistant to abrasion, and can withstand high temperatures. Because prices for rapeseed oil press vary, some are slightly more expensive than others. You get what you pay for. Customers can evaluate the quality of the equipment using the details. oil press machine for home use