The new-oil press has many advantages, including high oil yield, simplicity, energy-saving effects, and the ability to squeeze a wide range of oils. Modern oil mills are increasingly purchasing new oil press. The screw press includes both the new and old oil presses. For novices, it is difficult to tell the difference between the old oil press and the new one.

To determine the value of practitioners, it is important to evaluate the new oils press. Investors are reminded to be aware of the following:

1.Compare the performance of different oil presses. Compare prices. Beware of misleading claims made by some manufacturers. The quality of new oils presses currently is not uniform. A poor oil press will not only cause economic losses, but also fail to provide any economic benefits.

2. Support equipment. The frying machine must be capable of steaming the material while it fried, in order to achieve high oil production rates. To achieve a higher oil production rate, the oil presse must also be improved.

3. The operation is easy and not complicated. The operation requires only a few steps: automatic material selection, oil extraction and oil filtering.

4. The oil extraction device is difficult to jam and doesn’t cause any serious slag formation.

5. It is important to synchronize the speed at which you squeeze and filter the oil. Winter can allow the oil to be quickly filtered without causing any residues.

6. It can squeeze many vegetable oils, including sesame seeds and camellia seeds. The oil output efficiency is high.

7.A medium-sized oil presse should be used in cities and rural areas. It should have a power output of at least 7.5 kilowatts. To facilitate on-site operations at crowded farmers’ markets, grain and oil shops, a fully automated one-step medium-sized oil presse should be chosen.

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