There are many oils that can be used to press oil, including sesame, peanut and rapeseed. Each oil needs different pretreatment before it is ready for pressing. Many customers will refer to this guideline when choosing oil press equipment. This is mainly determined largely by the different oil materials. Today, the oils of rapeseeds, peanuts, and cottonseeds will prevail. Learn about the pretreatment processes of various oils before pressing.cold pressed oils near me

Before pressing, the oil must be pretreated. Before pressing rapeseed it must be dried and cleaned. The moisture content should not exceed 12% and the impurities not exceed 0.5%. It is important to note that many users neglect the fundamental selection of Rapeseed.oil filter press

The pretreatment is not required. It is well-known that if the oil isn’t selected or properly selected, it will block the oil pathway and cause damage to the parts. This will not only impact the normal operation and reduce the life expectancy of the oil press, but also affects the health and wellbeing of the snails. The life expectancy of the cake outlet. Snails will be severely damaged if oil is mixed with rocks or metals.

It is important to do a good job in oil selection. Peanut peeling, shelling, and preparation. Shelling peanuts can increase the oil production and oil output of the oil press. Our factory supports peanut shelling machine and peanut peeling machines . Delinting cottonseed is necessary before oil can be extracted. After delinting, the oil will not appear dark. After pretreatment, oil can be squeezed by either frying the seed or directly squeezing it without cold pressed sesame oil

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