Understanding the peanut oil pressing squeezing procedure will help you choose the right equipment. There are two main types of oil presses: raw pressing and cooked pressing. Different pressing methods require different matching equipment. Benteng Machinery examines the oil pressing method using two processes.

1. The production standard for oil press hot pressing oil press is the following:

Peanut shelling-fried peanuts squeezing olive oil-filtering A sheller can remove whole peanuts and can increase the hourly output. This step can be skipped if the peanut kernels have been purchased already. Fry the peeled peanuts. Once the peanut kernels are light brown inside, fry them until they turn a golden color. After squeezing, the crude oil is filtered. It can then be used directly in the cooker after it has been filtered. The essential equipment for oil extraction is a seed frying machine, a peanut sheller and a oil press.

2. Cold pressing peanut kernels. Cold pressing is a process that requires you to control the oil’s moisture. The skin is usually too dry to be crushed by hand. Adding 3-4% water and cold pressing should be done. The cake should be between 30-40%. Cold pressing refers to pressing the oil directly without heating the seeds. To ensure that the oil yield, the cake must be squeezed twice more. There are between 130 and 150 models for cold presses.

Both models come with a circulating lift. Secondary pressing can be done without the need for manual feeding.

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