Oil quality and oil yield are two of the most common problems encountered when rapeseed is squeezed by a screw-oil press. These two issues directly impact the use of screw-oil press machine. These two issues can be solved by analyzing and resolving the root causes. Customers should be able to get good oil.machines oil

The main factors that affect oil quality. The ash content in the pressed blanks is high. The preform is very powdery and easy to burn in steaming or frying. The pressing chamber temperature and time are high.small oil press machine

The peeling isn’t clean, the dehydration temperature is too high, the time is too long and the precipitation time too short. The transparency is also poor. The main factors that affect the oil production rate. price of pressing machine

The screw-oil press machine does not feed properly, the screw press, press ring wears out too quickly, the press chamber pressure or speed is not sufficient, or the blank is pressed into the press chamber for a brief time.pressing machine for sale

The pressed blank is not suitable for pressing due to its moisture and temperature. A solution to the main issues of oil yield and quality. Steam and stir fry with high moisture content.homemade oil expeller press

The cake thickness can be controlled to within 1-1.5mm. To increase the compression ratio, adjust the combination of screw press or press ring. The crude oil that has been squeezed is filtered through an oil filter, then hydrated and peeled. domestic oil press machine