The oil presses are very important in controlling the temperature raw material. There are several ways to steam or fry your food at the moment. Controlling the temperature of raw materials is the key to steaming. agico oil press machine The oil yield will suffer if the frying is too light. The oil color will change if the frying is done too long.small scale production machines

Heating and frying are important steps in the oil presse. Because steaming and deep frying can cause significant changes to the oil’s internal structure with the help temperature and moisture, . Combination, etc. are all good for separating the grease from the oil and also allow for a better quality crude oil. oil pressing plant

The effect of steaming or frying can have a direct impact on the progress of the whole oil production process , the oil yield and the quality and quantity of oil products. main raw material moisture temperature. industrial cold press

Rapeseed 1.0-1.5 120-13

Peanut 1.0-2.0 130

Sesame 140-150

Cottonseed 1.5-2. 5 80-100

Oil sunflower (sunflower seed) 1-2 120-130