The oil quality and the oil yield of rapeseed are two problems that can often be encountered during the process of extracting it by a screw oilspress. These two problems directly affect screw oils press machine. This is why it is important to identify and fix the problems. Assist customers in obtaining good oil.

The ash contents of the pressed blank are high. Preforms contain a lot powder, which can easily be burned when frying or steaming. The pressing chamber temperature can be high and the pressing time long. wood pressed oil online

The peeling is not neat, the temperature is too high in dehydration, it takes too long, there is too much precipitation and transparency is poor.The main determinants of the crude oil output. vegetable oil extraction machine

The oil press machine is slow, feeds insufficiently, cake is too thick, pressure in the chamber is not high enough or spindle speed is too fast. The blank is only pressed in the chamber for a very short time. coconut expeller machine

The pressed blank’s temperature and moisture are too low to be suitable for pressing. Solutions for the main factors of Oil Quality and Oil Yield. Steam and stir-fry high moisture ingredients. Squeeze with low moisture. cold pressed garlic oil

The thickness of your cake can be controlled within 1-1.5 mm. You can adjust the combination of press ring and screw press to increase the compression ratio. The crude oil is squeezed and filtered using an oil filter. The oil filter then filters the oil and it is hydrated and peeled. indic wisdom coconut oil