The complete process of squeezing peanut oil.

The different oil pressing processes have similarities and differences. To answer your questions about peanut oil extraction, let’s use peanuts. We first need to know what equipment we require. An advanced oil press must also have an oil filter, seed frying machines, shelling machines, feeding machines, and an oil filter. The seed fryer is the one that must be equipped to cook and squeeze the oil.edible oil press

The shelling machine and feeding machine are optional. A feeder is required for large oil presses. This equipment works together to make good quality peanut oils.press machines for sale

1. Sheller: This is the main function of the sheller. It’s responsible for taking out the peanut shell. The yields of peanuts after they have been peeled are high. This step can be skipped for peanuts. It is also possible to squeeze shelled peanuts but it takes longer. Both can be squeezed, but the oil output rate is equal.vegetable oil expeller

2.Seed frying: Oil pressing uses “three-point pressing”, seven-point cooking, and the quality and quantity of fried seeds directly influences the oil production rate. Timing is also important. You want the seeds to be cooked at the right temperature. It can be determined by the color and texture of peanuts.industrial cold press machine

3. Pressing and feeding. Once the peanuts are fried, place them in an oil press. Automatic feeding can be realized if your machine has a feeding device.oil machine

4. Filter machine. Filter machine. There is clean oil. You can use the filtered oil for cooking without having to sully the pot or release smoke.how to press oil