The oil press is an automatic oil press that uses physical pressing and does not require any other elements. People are increasingly entering the oil mills to make oil and buy edible oil. Fully automated oil presses are able to meet the pressing requirements of different oils from different regions. Fully automatic oil presses are used by many oil mills to extract a wide range of oils. Peanut, sesame and oil sunflower oils, as well as soybean, flax, soya, and other oilseeds. People are often more open to buying freshly squeezed green cooking oil.

Old-fashioned oil mills have an unusual environment. The machines appear dirty. These machines can cause severe damage to the cooking oil they squeeze. The automatic oil press must be cleaned daily. This will ensure that the machine does not get greasy stains and is clean. It can also prolong the machine’s service life.

There are three steps to clean your oil press.

1. Clean the oil press . The grease on the exterior of the oil press can be cleaned with detergent but it should be cleaned often to avoid it from clogging up your machine. It can become dust, which is difficult to clean up.

2. Cleaning the interior of the automatic oils press: This is a very handy way to clean the chamber. It is possible to choose low-cost oil crops, and allow the equipment to run for a while.

Clean the oil filter. Yes. Cleaning the oil filter is an important part in daily cleaning. Oil filters are exposed to crude oil for long periods of time and can be easily made into grease. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vacuum oil filter’s inner wall and outside. Use dishwashing liquid. The filter cloth must be changed frequently to ensure a better oil filtering result. The key to long-term success of the oil mill is maintaining a clean environment.

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