Sunflower oil press is also called sunflower seed oil press, melon seed oil press. At present, there are more oil sunflowers, especially in Xinjiang, Hebei and other places. Mainly to plant oil sunflower. The oil yield of oil sunflower is around 35-37%. And the nutritional value of oil sunflower is very high. 90% of sunflower oil is unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid accounts for about 60%. It also contains vitamin E, plant sterols, phospholipids, carotene and other nutrients.

Therefore, sunflower oil presses are used more and more widely. The sunflower oil press can use both raw and cooked squeezing processes, mainly according to the living habits of the locals. Generally speaking, the south is mainly cooked and pressed, and the oil that is squeezed out has a strong fragrance. After being cooked, put it into the oil press to start squeezing the oil, and the crude oil that is squeezed out can be used directly after filtering. No silting, no frothing. Some parts of the north are squeezed, and some are squeezed raw. The color of raw oil is clear. Raw pressing generally requires an oil press, an oil filter and a circulating feeder.

The oil sunflower directly enters the oil press to start squeezing the oil, and the squeezed oil cake is carried into the silo through the circulating feeder for secondary pressing. The squeezed crude oil also needs to be filtered by an oil filter. Oil sunflower is suitable for both raw pressing and cooked pressing. The oil output rate of the two is the same. You need to squeeze it twice when you squeeze it.

Therefore, it needs to be decided in accordance with the living habits of the local people. The operation mode of buying oil sunflower oil press can be diversified. The main methods are processing with incoming materials and selling on the spot. Incoming processing is that the user brings the oil sunflower over for on-site processing, so that the user can see the entire oil extraction process with his own eyes, and only needs to charge the processing fee.

Generally ranging from 0.4-1.2 yuan. The current pressing and selling is mainly based on selling oil. Put the oil press in the vegetable market, residential area, and non-staple food store, allowing users to witness the whole process of oil extraction with their own eyes, smell the strong and attractive oil fragrance, look at the crystal clear and pure oil quality, and rest assured to buy the original flavor. This profit is higher, and the price of a catty of oil generally ranges from more than ten yuan. If the amount of oil sunflower is relatively large, a medium-sized oil plant can also be opened, and the processed oil can be sent directly to the restaurant.