The oil output rate is the standard to measure the quality of a Rapeseed Oil Press. Higher oil output rates mean higher profits and better market responses. If the oil rate of the rapeseed press is low, there must not be a market. Some users have reported that their rapeseed oil presse produces only cakes after a certain time. This issue must be resolved quickly.

The oil problem itself.

The oil yield of rapeseed oil presse is determined by the oil content. Some oils are old oil, which can lead to a variation in the quality of the oil. The oil is not stored for a long time, has an inside that is deteriorated and has a lower oil content. This oil is not possible to extract from oil. Only the oil must be changed if it is an oil problem. (Eliminate oils that have been stored for more than five years. Squeeze oil.

The problems with The rapeseed oil pressing machine .

If the oil is blocked in any way, it is possible that there is an issue. Users often neglect to maintain their rapeseed oil pressing machine. The oil line can become blocked over time, but the outlet of the cake is smooth. The cake discharges smoothly because of the torque and pressure acting on it. The oil is released from the nut because there is no oil line. This is what we call pouring out the oil. This is what you should do if it happens. Disassemble all the slivers and clean them up before assembling them.

The temperature in the pressing chamber has reached a dangerous level. Temperature and pressure are the main factors that influence oil output. The temperature in the pressing chamber should not be too high. This will result in no oil at the oil outlet. If this happens, it is a sign that the temperature in the pressing chamber is too high. It can only be cooled down.

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