The quality of rapeseed oil or fried seeds, as well as cooked squeezed rapeseed oils is crucial. The oil yield and oil quality directly impact the quality of stir-fried seed. The oil content of fried seed will drop if they are too light. Fried seeds are too old. However, the oil yield will be high. However, the oil’s color will be dark and the oil will taste bitter.expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil

Rapeseed cooked and then squeezed and fried are the keys. Two crucial steps in oil production are seed frying, and squeezing. gramiyaa wood cold pressed groundnut oil

Fry seeds can cause protein structure to be destroyed. Temperature and moisture are more important than temperature, and the temperature rises above 60 degrees.

Once the protein has been denatured, the spherical shape will become loose and unstructured. So that rapeseed Oil can be extracted easier, the original hydrophobicity in the sphere will remain on the surface. Both production and practice have proven that the deeper the protein denaturation, the higher the oil yield.cold press oil extraction

For Stir-frying seeds we use low fire long-frying, high moisture stir-frying and low-moisture squashing. To ensure that the squeeze does not get lost, low-fire deep-frying is used to intensify the preform’s protein degradation. cold pressed unrefined olive oil

This reduces crude oil in the cake. The pressing temperature is high and the moisture low. This can lower the residual oil rate. Through practice, it has been proven that this method can improve the oil production and the oil quality.small scale oil extraction machine