Pressing of peony seed.

Peony oil can be used as a good oil. It is not intended for use as a food oil. The majority of peony seed oil used for cosmetic purposes is the most common use. Peony oil presses are now possible due to the strong support of the country for its peony plantation. Customers who purchase peony oil press need to understand the process of pressing. The pressing process for peony seeds is different than ordinary rapeseed oils.

Peony seed are mostly squeezed. Peony seeds are covered in a layer that is black and must be removed before they can be squeezed. The peony seed pressing process is broken down into three important parts: peeling and pressing, as well as refining.

1.Peony Seed Separation and Peeling

The purpose of seed peeling is to increase oil production, reduce oil loss and improve oil quality. The skin of tree peony can be pressed directly to turn the oil black. The skin of tree peony cannot be eaten. The peony seed-peeling machine must therefore be used.

2. The whole process of making oil by squeezing is free from any chemical additives. This is to ensure that the oil remains clean and healthy. Low-temperature pressing can be used with a squeezer. You must ensure that nutrients do not get lost.

3.Refining of peony oil

Peony seed oil is refined using a combination physical and chemical methods. To meet cosmetic requirements, good oils must be refined.

These are the three essential steps to the squeezing of the seed oil press.

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