It is normal for the oil to contain so many bubbles?

Rapeseed oil, which is inexpensive, healthy, and fragrant, has been the main edible oil. Customers complain that the squeezed oil from rapeseed has lots of foam when it is sent to the oilpress. Customers will be asking if it is normal for the oil to contain so many bubbles and if it will affect the quality of the rapeseed oil. Is it possible to remove them?

The extraction of rapeseed oil takes place through physical pressing. After being fried, the rapeseed goes into a seed frying machine. It is then poured directly into an oil press for squeezing. Foaming is normal when you squeeze rapeseed oils. This is due to the mixture of air entering the interior, high temperatures during the squeezing, and the crushed residue. It forms a yellow-white foam. Although the foam isn’t harmful, it can affect the appearance of edible oils and decrease the customer’s willingness to purchase. The foam that is generated during pressing can therefore be removed.

Physical methods are the most common method of removing rapeseed oil. This allows you to have healthy green cooking oils. The pressed Rapeseed oil must now be filtered. There are many methods of filtering oil, but the most common is centrifugal oil filter. To remove oil and residue, the centrifugal oil filter employs eccentricity. The oil can be made clearer by removing impurities. The operation of a centrifugal oil filter can be done in just 5 minutes.

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