The rapeseed oil press has two-phase electricity and three-phase electricity. Two-phase electricity belongs to a small oil press. Generally, it is mainly based on vehicle-mounted mobile oil extraction. The three-phase electric rapeseed oil press is the choice to open an oil workshop. The three-phase electric rapeseed oil press uses 380v power. The power of 380V is more powerful and the power is more sufficient. Rapeseed oil press is the main oil press in mechanical production, and it is a production tool for rapeseed oil and other edible oils. Rapeseed oil press, as a kind of product in the machinery industry, uses industrial three-phase electricity.

The advantages of using three-phase electricity:

  1. The production power is large, and the three-phase electricity is 380V AC voltage, so the electric energy provided is larger, which can provide the equipment with greater kinetic energy and greater production power.
  2. The production efficiency is fast, the function of three-phase electricity is strong, and the production power of natural equipment will increase.
  3. The production quality is high. The rapeseed oil press relies on pressing technology. If the power is not enough, the pressing capacity of the oil press may be limited, and the oil output rate will not be high. Whether it is for external processing or squeezing and selling of oil, the oil workshop is open.

The processing volume of oil is very large, so the requirements for oil yield are also very high. The three-phase electric oil press not only has high output, but the oil output rate is also better than that of the two-phase electric oil press. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a three-phase electric rapeseed oil press for oil mills.