It is crucial to find the fault quickly and make the equipment more productive.

With increasing oil crop production, the demand for peanut oil press machine has been on the rise. The peanut butter press machine requires little investment and is very easy to use. It is used widely in rural areas. It is crucial to find the fault quickly and make the equipment more productive.

1. The preform’s water content. The preform has a low water content, so it is not possible to make a cake. The preform’s water content is too high, and the raw materials are gelatinous. Oil cannot be squeezed out of the pressurized material if it drops below a certain pressure. Normally, oils with higher content must have less moisture under certain temperature conditions because of the high pressure. ” cold pressed gingelly oil online

2.Squeezing temperature. The squeezing temp is too low. The oil viscosity is high. It is difficult to flow, polymerize and flow. The temperature of cold pressing is generally controlled at 60-90 degrees. While the temperature for hot pressing is 100-130. mustard oil grinding machine

3.Snail Squeezing Speed.A snail’s speed of a high degree will result in a short squeezing period and a large amount of raw material, but fewer oil drops. If the snail speed is lower, the squeezing times are long, the oil yield is high and productivity is low. The hot pressing speed is between 36 and 38r/min. The cold pressing speed can be adjusted between 85-120r/min. cold wood pressed oil

4. Add oil to the cracks. A narrow gap in oil output will result in poor oil flow, which can reduce oil output and productivity. A wide gap will result in low pressure in the press chamber, which can lead to oil quality problems. Oil gaps should be wider for materials high in oil, such as soybeans, peanuts, and soya beans. The gap should be between 0.07 and 1.00mm in normal conditions. automatic oil expeller machine

5.Number and duration of squeeze. You should determine the right number of squeezes and time to use depending on your specific circumstances. The amount of squeezes required is determined by the process. It can be squeezed once it has been cooked. Production efficiency will be decreased if the pressing period is too long. homemade olive oil press