Many customers will ask if there is an oil press machine when inquiring about the oil press machine. What is the oil press machine? For the oil mill, the equipment generally required is a seed frying machine, an oil press, and an oil filter. The three pieces used in many oil mills are separate.

The oil press is a link between the oil press and the oil filter. It is called an oil press machine. So is the oil pressing effect of the oil pressing machine good? For the oil pressing production line. The general seed frying machine is a drum type, and the seed frying machine mainly relies on burning coal, wood, gas or electricity. This machine is generally used alone. The oil press and the oil filter are usually linked together with a vacuum oil filter. The vacuum oil filter is directly installed on the oil press to filter crude oil.

If it is a separate oil filter, generally centrifugal oil filter can be equipped. The main difference between the oil press machine and the split machine is the choice of the oil filter. Vacuum oil filter is used more in the past few years. It mainly relies on vacuuming to achieve the effect of filtering oil. Centrifugal oil filter has emerged in recent years, mainly because filter cloth is not needed. There are also large, medium and small models of the oil press machine.

Common models include 70-type two-phase electric oil press and 100-type 125 three-phase electric oil press. Among them, the 130 and 150 types of raw presses are also integrated oil presses. The raw press does not need to be equipped with a seed frying machine, but it needs to be equipped with a feeder, and the feeder is also directly installed on the oil press. The choice between an oil press machine or a split machine is mainly based on the actual situation of the local area and see which kind of recognition is higher by the local people.