The hydraulic sesame oil machine is mainly used to squeeze sesame oil. Sesame oil is cooked and squeezed, which requires relatively high temperature. The traditional old-fashioned oil press does not have a heating system, so it cannot squeeze sesame oil. Many oil mills choose hydraulic sesame oil machines to squeeze art sesame oil. The hydraulic sesame oil machine is a purely physical press. Stir-fry the sesame seeds and put them in a hydraulic sesame oil machine for squeezing. The oil that comes out is sesame oil. Hydraulic sesame oil machine can be seen in many oil shops. So how to use the hydraulic sesame oil machine?

Pay attention to several aspects in the process of using the hydraulic sesame oil machine, to ensure correct operation can increase the service life of the machine, and thus have more profits.

1. Choose good sesame seeds, don’t choose those sesame seeds that have not been used all the year round, choose those fresh, plump, and colorful sesame seeds.

2. Before squeezing, stir-fry the seeds until light gray, with bursting phenomenon, pinch the seeds with your hands, and the oil will flow out. When frying the seeds, stir-fry the seeds vigorously with a high heat at a temperature of 120-150 degrees. The fried sesame must be smoke-free, mainly to ensure the mellow taste of sesame oil.

3. Squeeze, pour the fried sesame seeds into the hydraulic sesame oil machine, and the machine will automatically squeeze. The oil flows out automatically, and there is basically no residue in the oil. After the oil is clean, take out the round oil cake.

4. The hydraulic sesame oil machine will be equipped with a complete maintenance technical instruction manual for you when it leaves the factory. You can maintain it according to our manual. Avoid long-term failure to maintain equipment. During the operation, pay attention to the operation flow. Do not perform rough and hard operations on the machine