Corn oil can be bought on the market. Many people want to extract corn germ from their own plants. If corn oil is first encountered, there are many issues. cold oil press machine commercial What oil press is best for extracting corn germ oil from? Corn germ oil is quite affordable because of the large amount of corn that has been planted. Corn germ oil can also be purchased on the oil press machine for home use

Corn germ oil a new type edible oil. It is also rich in oryzanol, and other substances. This makes it the “olive oil of the East”. Corn itself doesn’t contain oil and is mainly made up of starch. manual oil press machine price Corn germ is the only thing that contains oil so it cannot be used to extract oil directly. You will need to extract the germ from the corn and then use the corn germ to extract the oil.

The oil content of corn germ ranges from 30-35 percent to about 30-40 percent. The oil press equipment can be used to pure physical pressing. rice bran oil press machine This allows ordinary people to see the whole process without any adulteration. Transparency is also a key feature of the entire production process.sesame oil cold press machine

To squeeze corn kernel you will need a machine that can handle oil pressing and an oil filter. Corn germ can be purchased directly from the food manufacturer. hemp seed oil press machine Then, you can fry the raw materials in the oil press. A three-stage oil press is used. The crude oil is squeezed through the oil filter to be filtered. After that, the corn germ oil can then be used. buy oil press machine It is quite simple. The oil press can be used to extract corn germ as well as canola, peanuts, sunflower, sesame and other oils.