In the process of operating oil press equipment, novices always have problems of this kind. Many are caused by unskilled operations. For example, there is no oil in the oil pressing process of the oil press equipment. The first reaction of some users is the quality of the oil press itself. In fact, a lot of it is because the operation details are not paid attention to.

Today, Benteng Machinery will analyze the reasons and solutions for the lack of oil in the oil press equipment.

  1. The raw material is not wet or too dry, is damp and moldy, the seed material is not full, and it is caused by too much impurities. The oil must be re-cleaned and the moisture of the oil must be improved at a high speed.
  2. In the early stage of squeezing, the temperature of the squeezing chamber is low, the output cake is too thin or thick, and the parts are worn out, etc., which will cause no oil or low oil yield.
  3. If the oil is too wet or too dry, adjust the moisture of the oil.
  4. The oil is damp and moldy, the grain is not full, contains too much impurities, and the moldy and degraded oil must not be squeezed. Even if the oil can be squeezed out, it will be harmful to human health after eating:
  5. Clean the squeezer and dredge the blocked oil line:
  6. The squeezer is improperly installed. Once it is too tight, there will be no oil, and it will be easy to leak if it is too loose:
  7. The cake thickness is adjusted to less than 1.5mm.
  8. When the oil content of the press is adjusted When the oil is high or viscous, the rib ring should be removed and the ribs should be reassembled. Increase the gap to solve the problem of oil drainage. The above aspects are the main reasons for the lack of oil in the oil press equipment. The user only needs to pay more attention during the operation, and it can be solved very well.

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