Novices have always encountered problems when operating an oil press machine. Many are caused because of inexperienced operations. One example is the lack of oil in the oil pressing equipment. One common reaction is to the oil press’s quality. A lot of this is due to the fact that details are not being paid attention.oil expeller machine

Benteng Machinery will examine today the reasons for oil shortages in oil press equipment.seed oil cold press machine

The crude material is not too dry or wet. The oil must also be cleaned and the oil’s moisture must be increased at high speeds. In the initial stages of squeezing the chamber temperature is low. The output cakes are too thin or thick. There is also wear on the parts. This will result in no oil or low oil yield.pleasant valley oil mills

Adjust the moisture level if the oil is too oily or too wet.The oil is damp and mouldy. The grain is not complete and contains too many impurities. It is best to not squeeze the oil that has been degraded and moldy. Even if oil can be extracted, the oil will still be hazardous to the human body after consumption.expeller pressed coconut oil

Clean the squeezer. The squeezer was not properly installed. Too tight and there won’t be any oil. It will also be difficult to leak oil if it’s too loose.The cake thickness should not exceed 1.5mm.expeller press for sale

Adjusting the oil content in the press. Rib rings should be removed and the spines reassembled. The gap should be increased to prevent oil from leaking. These are the main reasons why oil is not getting into the oil press equipment. This can be easily solved if the user pays more attention during operation.thykoodam oil mill