Modern oil mills prefer multifunctional oil presses. The multi-function oil presse can extract a wide range of oils. Different customers will require different oil presses. The multi-function oil presse can be used to produce more than 20 types of oils, including rapeseeds, peanuts, sesame oil, oil sunflower and flax. You can use it in different locations.

The oil pressing of the main oil crops in the multifunctional oil press is:

1. There are two methods of pressing peanut kernels. Hot pressing and cold pressing can be done. However, hot pressing is the preferred method (cold pressing is less efficient than hot pressing). Hot pressing: peanuts-peeling-fried seeds-pressing-filtering. Cold pressing: peanuts-peeling-squeezing (press twice)-filtering.

2. Soybean pressing method: At present, there are two main pressing methods for soybeans: hot pressing and cold pressing hot pressing: soybeans-fried seeds-pressing-filtering and cold pressing: soybeans-pressing (press twice)- filter.

3.Rapeseed squeezing technique: Rapeseed can be divided into hot pressing and cold pressing. Hot pressing is the most effective method to increase the oil yield and quality. The process flow is as follows: Hot pressing: rapeseed-screening-steaming and frying-pressing-filtering and cold pressing: rapeseed-screening-pressing.

4. Cotton seed pressing process: cotton-delinting-pressing- The pressing process of filtering oil is basically the same. Three steps are required: frying the seeds, squeezing oils, and filtering oil.

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