The oil output rate is a key factor that determines the quality of an oil press. The higher the oil output rate, the better the user’s business. Therefore, in the process of buying an oil press, many users will ask how the oil output rate of the oil press is? One of the key factors affecting the oil output rate of the oil press is the heating temperature of the rapeseed.

Benteng will explain to you how much oil is produced by the oil press when the rapeseed is heated? As a manufacturer, we understand the hardware performance and parameters of the oil press, so we start from this aspect to help customers improve the oil output rate of the oil press. The screw oil presses produced are equipped with heating devices, which can heat the press chamber to a standard temperature in about 15 to 20 minutes, so that the press chamber can operate normally, and the squeezed and output conditions of the oil can meet the requirements.

So how much is the temperature? The temperature of the mustard seeds is when the temperature of the oil press chamber reaches above 150 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, the temperature in the chamber is high, and the fried rapeseed falls into the press. It is crushed by the snails during the chamber, and the temperature in the chamber heats the oil residue at the same time, so that the rapeseed particles that have not been crushed are squeezed by the snails and the rapeseed oil flows out. Another advantage of this temperature is that it has just been pressed. The rapeseed oil contains some colloids, phosphorus and arithmetic, which have a great impact on human health.

By removing a part, the working time of the later oil filter is greatly reduced, and the efficiency of the oil filter is improved. This is why we see that the freshly squeezed oil is bubbling with white bubbles. This is the principle. However, after the hot pressed rapeseed of the oil press is heated to a certain temperature and turned on for production, the user needs to pay attention to turning off the heater after the oil is stabilized.

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