The sudden power outage of the oil press during the oil pressing process is a problem that many users will face. It is also an inevitable problem. In the process of oil pressing, the machine normally feeds the same no matter whether it is peanuts, rapeseed, sesame, soybeans and other oils, the solution is the same.

When there is a sudden power failure during the oil pressing process, there will be a lot of material stored in the oil press. Sanyou will give you a detailed answer. When the old-fashioned oil press has a sudden power failure, the whole machine needs to be disassembled, the screw press is removed, and the inside of the press chamber is cleaned. The whole process is very cumbersome and troublesome. Some users have incorrect disassembly method or incorrect installation, which will cause the oil press equipment to malfunction. The new oil press produced by Sanyou has a reversing function.

The main reason for reversing is when the oil press is stuck, which can be solved by reversing. And the operation method is very simple. When a call comes in, the user needs to drive a reverse car to clean out the oil inside the squeezer. The oil press can work normally. For users who have not operated reversing, they can perform correct and standardized operations in accordance with the instruction manual. Avoid damage to the oil press due to operating errors.

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