How much rapeseed oil can be squeezed from 1 kg of rapeseed? Which oil press has a high oil output rate

Rapeseed is the main raw material for oil extraction, and mustard oil is the main ingredient in most areas of our country. The main reason is that the rapeseed oil is delicious, and the price of rapeseed oil is not expensive. Pure physical pressing can ensure the original taste of the oil, without adding any chemical raw materials. For Kaiyoufang, how much canola oil can be squeezed from 1 kg of rapeseed? Which oil press has a high oil output rate? The oil output rate of rapeseed is quite high, generally 1 kg of rapeseed can produce 3-4 taels. Oil. 100 kg of rapeseed can squeeze 37-42 kg of oil. The oil output of rapeseed is not a fixed value. This is mainly affected by external factors. For example, the factors of raw materials include the cleanliness of raw materials, the variety of raw materials, and so on. For the same rapeseed, the quality of the oil press also determines the oil yield. The oil output rate of a good machine is relatively higher. A good oil press must first have a high oil output rate. There are two factors that determine the oil output rate, one is temperature, and the other is pressing force. Temperature refers to the temperature control during frying and setting temperature during pressing. Our oil press is equipped with an advanced electronic automatic temperature controller, which can set the pressing temperature by itself. In terms of pressing force, our material is made of high-hardness, wear-resistant Cr12 die steel, coupled with our unique screw angle design, the oil line is three sets of changes from 30 to 20 to 10, these conditions Combining it together, it can be said that our oil press is the one with a high oil output rate currently on the market. Buy an oil press and choose one with good quality and high oil yield.