The 220v small oil presse is intended for many locations that have little oil or no three-phase electricity. You can usually use vehicle-mounted mobile oils extraction. Diversified business methods. The 220v small oil presse can pickle peanut, sunflower, sesame and other oils. The machine is small and versatile, 220v little oil press has a large seed oil extraction machine

The small equipment is very easy to use. It can also be used when connected to the power supply. This machine has been tested in the manufacturer’s laboratory so it cannot be installed door to door. Some novices have difficulty understanding the 220-volt small oil press. They get stuck in the middle of using it.

1.The oil is not clean and hard foreign objects like stones and metals have entered into the press chamber. This is a problem that should be addressed immediately. Filter the oil to remove any impurities.cold pressed oil making machine

2. Too strong cutting. The temperature inside the press chamber will not rise if the temperature of the oil press just reaches the target. It is possible to create jams if you are cutting too strongly. You should squeeze a pot every single day. Start by turning off the feeder plate at a smaller size. After the pie has cooled, unload the material slowly.small oil extraction machine for home

3.In case of a power failure, immediately switch off the power supply. Next, clean the oil in your chamber and squeeze the pump again.automatic oil expeller

You should not take the 220v small oil presse lightly. It is essential to correctly install the operation method. Avoid malfunctioning the machine. Maximize the machine’s life expectancy. coconut oil for cold