The oil production rate is what the oil mills aim for. Higher oil yields mean higher profits and better business. When purchasing an oil press, customers should first look at the oil production rate. There are more than 100 oil press manufacturers online, so it can be difficult for customers to find equipment or an oil press that produces high oil yields. A pair of eyes is essential for customers who purchase an oil press.  home olive oil press

The oil production rate from an oil press is a function of the machine’s design. The machine’s design directly affects the oil yield. The machine’s pressing force will determine how much oil is produced. However, if the press force is sufficient, the output will be relatively high. Naturally, the oil yield will be lower.sonar oil press machine

The pressure and temperature determine the oil production rate from an oil press. Different oils have different output temperatures. The oil yield of different oils is different. Rapeseed can be heated to 130 degrees while peanuts and sesame are at 170 degrees. Different oils must be set at different temperatures.automatic oil press machine

The new oil presse can increase oil yield. Pressure is the second. The pressure determines the oil yield. The old machine’s oil line is 150 threads. The gap between the oil and the oil lines is indicative of the level of pressure and slag. The new oil press has a 25-film oil line gap, which is high with less slag, high oil yield, and high pressure.liveplus cold pressed oil

To purchase an oil press, choose a major manufacturer. You can be sure of quality and service after-sales. It is also important to select a new type oil press that has high oil yields and easy operation.coconut presser