Comparison of three kinds of oil press pressing process

The oil press is a device for making edible oil from oil crops such as peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, flax, etc. There are mainly three types of oil press equipment: soil press, hydraulic press and screw press.

  1. Soil Pressing

Soil pressing is also an ancient pressing method. Soil pressing has low productivity and high labor intensity. It is mainly used in small workshops in mountainous areas.

  1. Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic oil press is a kind of intermittent oil press equipment made by lever and hydraulic transmission principle. Mainly vertical type, hydraulic oil press main body part, oil pump and other components, in addition to pressure gauge, oil cake ring and other accessories.

The oil pressing process is: raw materials — cleaned — fried — pressed.

The advantage of hydraulic oil press is that it requires less parts and is easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that the processing volume is small, the oil yield and productivity are low, and the cost is high. Generally suitable for squeezing relatively small oils such as sesame seeds.

  1. Screw Oil Press

At present, the most used screw oil presses are screw presses. There are large, medium and small screw presses. The main structure is composed of pressing material structure, gear reduction box, pressing chamber, pressing screw and frame. The gear box is connected with the frame through the press chamber and installed on the base to integrate the screw press.

Oil extraction process: raw materials-fried seeds-squeezing-filtering.

The oil flows out from the gap between the pressing rod and the pressing ring, the oil cake is squeezed out of the cake ring, and the oil residue is discharged out of the body from the slag discharge port.

The screw oil press has the advantages of short squeezing chamber, high pressure, short squeezing time, thin cakes, and at the same time has the advantages of simple matching, small investment, high productivity, simple installation and simple operation.