Causes and solutions of vibration of centrifugal oil filter

The main point of centrifugal oil filter during use is stability. If the vibration is very obvious during use, it will not only fail to filter the oil, but also cause danger. The non-vibration centrifugal oil filter is definitely better to use and the effect is better. Some centrifugal oil filters do not vibrate at first, but vibration occurs after a period of use. The harm of the vibration of the centrifugal oil filter is that it causes great vibration, produces noise, accelerates bearing wear, shortens the mechanical life, and can cause destructive accidents in severe cases. The reasons and solutions are introduced below for you.

The reason is fixed on the ground. Screw loosening solution: Tightening the loose screw can be caused by uneven or excessive oil residue thickness. Solution: cleaning up the oil residue can eliminate the cause

3. The centrifugal oil filter bearing is damaged or needs to be lubricated. Solution: Renew the bearing or apply oil to the bearing.

Reason 4. The foundation of the installation equipment is not strong enough or the ground is uneven. Solution: Reinforce the foundation. The uneven ground sometimes vibrates, so you need to change to a flat ground.

Reason 5: The drum of the centrifugal oil filter is unbalanced and vibration occurs. When the crude oil is filtered, the crude oil in the drum resonates due to the vibration force, and the heavy phospholipid hydrate cannot be adhered to the barrel wall, even if the filter time No matter how long it is, the phospholipids are still mixed in the oil. This is a quality problem with the centrifugal oil filter. The manufacturer avoids these problems.