Installation essentials of oil press accessories

For the oil press, the core part is the entire press chamber. The whole pressing chamber determines the oil pressing effect and the oil output rate. At the same time, the squeezing part is also a vulnerable part, and it is necessary to master the installation of the squeezing during use. If the oil yield is low, or there is a lot of slag, it is necessary to adjust the squeezing part. So how should the pressing part be installed?

The pressing part mainly includes three parts: pressing screw, pressing cage, and row. No matter a problem occurs in a certain link, it will affect the use effect, so it is necessary to master the correct method of disassembly and assembly.

The installation of the squeeze screw raise the thin end of the squeeze screw upwards, install the retaining ring, install the squeeze screw on the shaft in turn from No. 1, and then tighten it with a lock nut to prevent the oil residue from penetrating into the screw hole. Affect the disassembly of the press screw. The adjusting nut makes the two ends of the adjusting bolt have 8309 bearings.

When installing, the large hole surfaces of the two bearings are against the two ends of the adjusting bolt. When tightening the back, pay attention to the gap between the two 8309 bearings and move the adjusting bolt by hand.

When the rotation is flexible, the row can be installed. The two rows of deep oil grooves with the end of the deep oil groove facing down cannot be put together and one row is driven in with a metal rod. If the row is loose, you can add it between the rows. The iron sheet keeps the strips close to the inner wall until the inner wall is touched by hand and there is no protrusion.

The installation of the crushing cage puts the oil groove surface of the row ring facing the frame. and then puts the round row according to the sequence number of the circle, with the oil groove surface facing the frame. and then uses the compression nut to buckle the round row. Install the crushing cage, the upper and lower crushing cages are made in pairs.

If the replacement needs to be replaced at the top and the next, use the removed bolts to tighten them one by one alternately. It should be noted that the user is not recommended to disassemble and assemble the oil press under normal use. If disassembly and assembly are required, follow the essentials.