You can squeeze many kinds of raw materials with the screw oils press. Oils that are very common include peanut, soybeans, sesame seeds, sunflower and flax. There are many oils that can be extracted cold pressed sesame oil

The color of oil is important to ordinary people, no matter if they are using it for processing or selling. The color of oil is usually golden. Some customers report that the color peanut oil from the screw press has turned black.multi seed oil extraction machine

The screw oil presse can be used in two ways to press the peanuts. One is cooked, the other is raw. Raw squeezing means to squeeze the oil directly from the seeds without having them fried. The oil’s color is preserved so that the oil is fairly golden. More people are realizing that raw squeezing can help to reduce the operating cost of peanut oils. The beauty and clarity of the squeezed oil are the main advantages of raw squeezing. cold pressed sesame oil online

Blackening of peanut oil is a result of several factors. The black color in the peanut oil is used for cooking pressing. To squeeze the peanuts, it must be fried. Peanuts are known for their red coat. During the process of cooking the seeds, the red coat will become charred. A small fire is difficult to manage for beginners. It is therefore easy to burn the seeds after they have been fried. The skin of fried peanuts is dark, so the oil will be also black. presso coconut oil

Solution to blacken peanut oil. Open seed frying machines are the best choice. A closed seed frying machine can be both stir-fried and steamed, which allows the peanuts to retain moisture. It is also difficult to fry the seeds once they have been fried. This peanut butter oil is very attractive. It does not matter whether the oil is cooked or raw. You need to filter the crude peanut oil after it is extracted. This will allow you to get good-looking peanut oils.hathmic groundnut oil