The details of the daily maintenance of oil press equipment are very important, and the details often determine success or failure. Some users’ oil press equipment has been used for several years without any problems, and some users always have problems with their oil press equipment every three days. In addition to the quality factor, a very important factor is that the daily maintenance is not in place.

After all, the oil press equipment is a machine equipment. If you don’t pay more attention to it in use, there will definitely be problems. So what are the parts of the oil press equipment that need to be maintained, and how should it be maintained?

Details of the maintenance of the oil press equipment:

  1. During the use of the oil press equipment, always check the cake outlet situation, if the cake is not smooth or stop. For the cake, stop feeding, remove the material stored in the feeding port, slowly withdraw from the main shaft, and clear the blockage.
  2. When the oil press equipment is working, it is necessary to continuously clean up the leaking residue to prevent the oil line from being blocked. The oil residue can be returned to the hopper to continue pressing.
  3. When the squeezing volume is reduced and the cake or oil output is abnormal, pull the screw shaft out, check the wear of the screw, press bar, and cake ring, and replace the worn parts in time.
  4. When the screw shaft is stuck, stop the machine immediately, insert the insert plate, open the discharge plate, and immediately reverse the screw shaft to exit.
  5. Regularly lubricate all parts with grease and lubricating oil. The oil cup above the reduction box must not be short of oil, and the inner shaft of the squeezing screw adjustment rod should be filled with butter once every shift from the adjustment screw hole. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.
  6. When the machine is not turned on for a long time, a maintenance should be carried out. The snails, strips, and cake rings should be removed, washed, and re-oiled, and placed in a dry place. As long as the maintenance of the above six parts is done, the oil output rate and life of the oil press equipment will be improved.