Principle of centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter can be said to be a very advanced filtration equipment on the market, and it is also the main filtration equipment. Benteng’s centrifugal oil filter has been continuously improved and upgraded since its research and development in September 2009. At present, Benteng brand centrifugal oil purifier has multiple models and styles. Models are 50, 60, and 80.

There are many types such as centrifugal oil filter, shock-absorbing centrifugal oil filter, large-diameter centrifugal oil filter and so on. Regardless of the type, the filtration principle of the centrifugal oil filter is the same as that of the centrifugal oil filter: the centrifugal oil filter uses the different densities of oil, water and impurities.

The centrifugal force generated during internal rotation is different for separation and purification. Among them, the oil is light and gathers in the heart of the rotating drum; the density of water is slightly higher and is thrown on the outer layer of oil; and the solid impurities in the oil are thrown on the outer layer, thus achieving the purpose of separation and purification.

Centrifugal oil filter is the result of high-speed separation of mass ratio without filter cloth and medium filtration. It is an advanced equipment that completely solves the problem of oil quality. The thickness of the steel plate at the bottom of the outer barrel of the centrifugal oil filter, the thickness of the outer barrel wall, the inner barrel, the motor and the bearings are all produced with international standard quality, and there are special dynamic and static balance machines to check the balance of the equipment.

The centrifugal oil filter should be cleaned in time. Generally, it should be cleaned once every 5-6 hours, and it should be checked once a year. Special attention should be paid to when filtering different quality, different types and different types of oil, the inside of the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will easily contaminate the filtered oil.